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Mintcraft 33181PKS-BC3L Cane Bolt
Mintcraft 33181PKS-BC3L Cane Bolt, 1/2 in Dia x 12 in Length Bolt, Steel
Our Price: $10.30

Mintcraft Cane Bolt, 1/2 in Bolt Diameter, 12 in Bolt Length, Suitable For Use With: Gates, Steel, Black, Used to Lock Gates Or to Hold Gates In Open Position
Mintcraft 33124PKS-BC3L Thumb Latch
Mintcraft 33124PKS-BC3L Thumb Latch, Steel
Our Price: $12.92

Mintcraft Thumb Latch, Suitable For Use With: 5/8 - 1-3/4 in Door/Gate Thickness, Fasteners: Screw, Steel, Black, Used on Gates and Doors that Required a Latched Engagement
Mintcraft 33197PKSBC3L Self-Closing Gate Spring 13-3/4 in L
Mintcraft 33197PKSBC3L Self-Closing Gate Spring 13-3/4 in L
Our Price: $13.15

Designed to close doors and gates automatically. Mounts on hinge side of door.
Mintcraft 33223PKS-BC Heavy Duty Screw Hook and Eye Hinge, 12 ga Steel
Our Price: $14.01

Mintcraft Screw Hook and Eye Hinge, Heavy Duty, 12 ga Steel, Black, Powder-Coated, Includes: (2) Screw Hooks and (2) Screw Eye Hinge
Mintcraft 33198ZCX-BC3L Anti-Sag Gate Kit
Mintcraft 33198ZCX-BC3L Anti-Sag Gate Kit, 18 Pieces, Zinc Plated Steel
Our Price: $14.07

Eliminates gate sag. Steel. Includes: (2) corner braces, (2) pairs of cable clamps, (1) hook and eye turnbuckle and (1) 90" stranded steel cable and fastener.
Mintcraft 33122PKB3L Ornamental Thumb Latch
Mintcraft 33122PKB3L Ornamental Thumb Latch, Steel, Powder Coated
Our Price: $14.69

Use on gates and doors. Can be used for right or left hand applications. Screws included.
Stanley 760830 Lockable Thumb Latch
Stanley 760830 Lockable Thumb Latch, Black Coated
Our Price: $15.19

Stanley Lockable Thumb Latch, 10-3/8 in Overall Height, Suitable For Use With: 2-5/8 in Gates/Doors Thickness, Class: CD1261, Black Coated, Used on Outswinging or Inswinging Application
Mintcraft 33195SSS-DB3L Ornamental Gate Pull
Mintcraft 33195SSS-DB3L Ornamental Gate Pull, 10 in L, Heavy Duty Steel
Our Price: $15.47

Adds decorative design to doors and gates.
Mintcraft 33199SSS-DB3L Gate Latch
Mintcraft 33199SSS-DB3L Gate Latch, Stainless Steel
Our Price: $16.81

Mintcraft Gate Latch, Suitable For Use With: Gates and Doors, Fasteners: Screw, Stainless Steel, For Outswinging Applications
Mintcraft LR-174-BC3L Screw Hook and Eye Door Hinge
Mintcraft LR-174-BC3L Heavy Duty Screw Hook and Eye Door Hinge, 3 Hole, 8 in L, Steel
Our Price: $17.41

Use on gates and square or round fence posts. Durable. Screws included.
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